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[TIP] building elevated ways over water (aka diagonal bridge)

Started by ӔO, January 06, 2012, 07:33:23 PM

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I will only show how to build the elevated way on top of the water, but it is possible to build these as high as you want by stacking them on top of each other.

First, find any spot to start your bridge.

Using the slope tool, build a washboard pattern where you want to build your bridge.
It doesn't really matter if you use North/South or East/West, but they should form a washboard pattern.
The higher sides should always face outward.

Next, using an elevated way, build on top of your elevated way. Be careful not to build more than two pieces at a time. If you accidentally join them, use the remove way tool to split them into two pieces.
It is very important that the pieces are built in pairs!

Here, I will build two.

Next, switch to sliced underground view and set the height so you can only see the ground.

Using the flatten slope tool, delete your washboard ground.

Exit sliced underground mode

Using the same flatten slope tool, start flattening your elevated way pieces until they are all flat.

Once all pieces are flattened, it is time to connect them. Using the appropriate way tool, in this case rail, hold ctrl down to drag a diagonal.

I was one tile short here, but it's easy to add more pieces by repeating the previous steps.

Word of warning: Any water tile deeper than only the surface will be raised and might ruin the scenery
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Good heavens, now I know what you did in your christmas holiday!

Good work, never thought to see this working!
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Maybe we should allow elevated ways over water with single tile depth ...



the best strategy for a request, find a workaround so complicated and tedious that makes prissi  rofl.


Takes the prize for most convoluted construction method I've seen in a while. Better even than those old machinations required to build an underwater tunnel.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote from: prissi on January 06, 2012, 09:35:26 PM
Maybe we should allow elevated ways over water with single tile depth ...

You know I support this. :D


Why not allow diagonal bridges? The same effect, but with the max_lenght.


That's unfortunately "add diagonal bridges", not "allow them"... Allowing elevated ways on water is only what it says, though.

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