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Author Topic: Bug V102 - Coal shown under woods on the train cargo display  (Read 1590 times)

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The consist is 1xcoal and 5xplank.  The totals are correct but the coal has been listed under woods.
V102 from the Ragoland Challenge.  No modified files. Basic PAK102.

- the coal was already on the train when it got to this station
- First load of planks by any train in the game
- Twice before the train left without loading planks (because there was an alternative more direct delivery via lorry)
- The lorry was changed onto the same indirect route as this train. So now the train should, and will load planks
- The train seemed to pause in the platform before loading. Perhaps the game was checking there was indeed no alternative route before loading the train.

Doesnt seem to matter but thought you might like to know about it.
PS. It continues to do this on subsequent pick ups.
PPS. Ive also had steel and coal reported incorrectly. In fact most mixed consists are wrong.
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Re: Bug V102 - Coal shown under woods on the train cargo display
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This is fixed in the nightlies.