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Author Topic: rev.2011 Win-SDL+GDI: hovering chooses road/track type + questions  (Read 2145 times)

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Initial observation: road building chooses random road types in Pak128

After some testing I conclude: if I choose to build a road by the key 's', the chosen road type is the one that the mouse cursor last hovered over in the road building menue. (EDIT: this also happens with Pak64.) The preferred behaviour would be to remember the last type (is this still implemented after the switch to the new menue system?), and the type should change only when I select another type by clicking on the icon.

Related question for can I define an exaxt road/track/wayobj type for a hotkey? Currently, first comes a sequence of the available types (all to be shown in the toolbar), then a key definition (if I have understood this right):

toolbar[2][10]=general_tool[14],,t,2 # <- the "2" is for rail - no subtype?

I figured that "toolbar[8][12]=general_tool[14],,l,128" is the way to get the hotkey for powerlines back (this and the 'e' key are missing in Pak64).
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And in principle the last waytype should be remebered ... For electricfication general_tool[18],,e,2 should do the trick for rail.

And you could use fixed assignements using just the name of the pak. The waybuilder is called with a string.

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The 's' key works fine now, hotkeys have been re-added in pak64 rev.99 => closed.