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Started by acki, December 04, 2009, 11:34:32 PM

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I've been wondering: is there any decent tram vehicle for pak64? All I get from the native 64pakset is a horse tramway; something extremely weird...

Also (maybe this should be a new topic though): when I electrify my railways I still only get diesel trains... where can I find electric trains...?




1. You should look in
2. You have to electrify your depot too


Well, after electrifying the depot (both tram and railway) there should be a new tab "electrics" - and that has a variety of trams as well as electric trains, depending on which depot you're looking at.
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Unfortunately, most of the electrified trams are a bit odd in the sequences they allow.
Here's a related question: Why do there seem to be no mail cars for trams? I like to have lines that serve both pax and mail, because a mail line is often not profitable enough to warrant an engine.
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1.) Yes, the constraint settings look a little odd indeed. Not sure if it's really a mistake or if some of it is intended...

2.) Just guessing, but maybe it's because IRL trams are almost always for passenger use only. But since pak64 is open source, it should present no problem for people to create a tram for mail if anyone feels like he needs it.
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