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Stable: Simutrans 102.2.1 (r2928)

Started by prissi, December 09, 2009, 11:30:40 PM

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Users with MS Windows can use the online installer, which makes even portable installations and puts addons where they belong.

No new features, but lots of missing bugs. AI are working again. For large maps, some significant optimisations are in. Use the GDI version for large maps under MS Windows, which is compiled without additional DEBUG support and with all optimisations. (It is about 2-5 times faster than the MinGW versions.)

:windows: Windows native (new) (needs unicows.dll for Win9x) without debug for very large games or UTF8 support
:windows: Window with SDL (new)
:linux: Linux with SDL und SDL_mixer (new)
:beos: BeOS with Allegro (new)
:mac: MAC (intel) (new) needs SDL
:mac: MAC (PPC) (new) needs SDL

Chinese font for simplified/traditional chinese

Do not forget to download a matching pak file!

pak64 Basis (new)
64pak food industry addon (new)
64pak waste addon (unofficial download location; the file is still the same as for version 99.13)

pak64 german

pak64 HAJO für 102.0

pak96 Comic

pak128 Version 1.4.5

Pak128 JAPAN for 101.0

Pak128.britain (alpha)
Pak128.britain for 102.2

makeobj 50

Release of 102.2.1 (r2928 from rc102-2-1 branch)
   FIX: minimap was not updated when a bridge was deleted
   FIX: AI could not built any lines
   FIX: grid slopes were not (re)set correctly
   FIX: min_building_density and harbour are now recognized in dat/tab files
   ADD: do not close load/save dialogue after deleting
   FIX: do not show more than the last 2000 messages in message center to prevent scrollbar malfunction
   FIX: margin calculation was wrong
   FIX: first halts are now first in connection list => consistently transfer at first possibility
   FIX: no money when selling convois at the depot
   FIX: (Knightly) inverse scrolling consistently for minimap and main view
   FIX: also ask when a single pakset with addons is present what to load
   FIX: game starts in normal mode (instead paused) again
   FIX: downgrading ways were cheaper than destruction => now downgrading will be as expensive as removal
   CHANGE: ignore empty entries and lines starting with # in citylists
   FIX: deleting line does not longer crash in halt_detail windows
   FIX: withdraw all with convois in depot causes crash (and maybe also not withdraw all)
   FIX: several issues with tram signals
   CHANGE: info windows now open less important first resp. for single window topmost object first (usually most important)

EDIT: 2 links fixed - Igor
EDIT: waste addon download location is unofficial, typos --whoami

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Using the online installer:

Under Windows Vista, if I install to a directory other than c:\Program Files, it hangs during the installation (It downloads the first part, extracts, and hangs when it goes to copy the files), this is true whether run as Admin or not.

So far, installation is working when put in default dir installer wants to..

CORRECTION: Installer hung at some point - I had two "Copying files 0%" windows up.