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Author Topic: Quickie program for adding loading_time to dat files  (Read 1491 times)

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Quickie program for adding loading_time to dat files
« on: December 13, 2009, 08:34:08 PM »
Here's a quick program that will read dat files, add an appropriate loading time for the number of cargo units, and output the modified version to stdout (for piping to an alternate file).
Here are the values I used for the loading times. Feel free to modify this as you wish. I give my permission for anyone to modify and redistribute it as they desire. It can be added to whatever addon site you like, but it is, of course, to be considered alpha software; I'm not responsible if it makes your computer, toaster, etc., explode or whatever.
'a': aircraft       (6000/50)
's': ships          (4000/50)
'p': passengers regardless of waytype (2500/50)
't': trains/trams (2000/50)
'm': monorail/mlm (1500/50)
'r': road transport (1000/50)
Discuss these values among yourselves.
Attached: program compiled for Linux 32-bit (zipped)
Attached: program c++ source code
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