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A Late game
« on: November 29, 2009, 02:44:38 AM »
It is time to show my game.
I start it many years ago and I play it with many long breaks. The game was started when simutrans did not have underground building (see metro in Praha), there was no track reservation but there was the block-of-track system (I thing no remains of that is in the game), the line management system was there since the begining, I think I started just after the Line management system was introduced. I play it with timeline since 1930, but I did not save time and simetimes the time was runing and I was doing nothing. The paused building is relatively new.
The game have many unsolved problem with unoptimality, non-profiting trains (did someone have a train with paper or cars, which soes some positive profit?) overcrowded stations, unserviced parts of cities, too old vehicles (I have some steam engines in 2019). Please do not write to me about them, I know the situation very well.

Some statistics:
basic PAK64
mapsize 1024x1024
obey timeline
1300 convoys of various kinds, mostly trains, but many city buses, freight cars and ships (and few airplanes)
about 600 lines
except two cities and some tourist atractions complete network for passangers
very complex network for servicing Oil and Chemicals (with hubs)

the network is grown by "add something here, add something there", It is a mirracle that the whole is working. The whole looks very messy and nice.

I dont care the money but I prevent beeing in red number for whole company. I have no mail transport and no powerlines (maybe next time)

However, see at your own.
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Re: A Late game
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2010, 07:40:53 PM »
I want it, upload it again ;D