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Objects available for translating but actually they don't exist

Started by vilvoh, January 07, 2010, 04:30:43 PM

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I was translating some texts from pak192.comic when I notice that there're several objects that are available for translating but when I click on the link to the object, Simutranslator says they doesn't exits.

It happens the same with the Combino_Wx series.

EDIT: more ghost objects from pak192.comic

  • CRZ D80.5
  • CRZ E14
  • DSW 21 Shuttle
  • CRZ VT70
  • CRZ VT70_1
  • CRZ_CityShuttle
  • CRZ_CityShuttle1
  • CRZ_CityShuttle2
  • CRZ_oebb_Reisewagen
  • CRZ V50
  • CRZ O-540
  • CRZ O550
  • CRZ P1b
  • CRZ P1g

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Maybe the translator does not realised that some objekt do not exist any more.

Many objects from pak192.comic was renamed a few month ago.
And all trams were deleted. They are now trolley busses.


it was deleted only the objects but not the translation of messages

Bug or malfunction, I can not say yet


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...