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pak.german - 0.102.2
« on: October 17, 2009, 11:42:44 PM »
Download from

pak.german_0-102-2_win.exe 5,5 Mb required Simutrans_0-102-2_win.exe 6,9 Mb ( InnoSetup Installer, included pak64 )

In this version, a lot has changed. Not all changes will have an effect on already existing savegames. Some of the changes are positive, some are negative, depending on your point of view  ;)

The biggest change is related to stations. Now, overcrowded stations will not take passengers or goods anymore. This can result in a big drop of goods and income in a savegame, if some important station hubs are congested.


 ADD: Field Weinberg_1
 ADD: Field Hopfen_1
 CHG: Farm - dividing into 4 individual objects, each with 4 strands
 CHG: graphics market, 2 strands
 CHG: Heizwerk, Heizkraftwerk - intro_year = 1925
 CHG: Pharmacy - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: Car dealer, Car factory - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: furniture, furniture factory - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: Book shop, Printing works - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: Gas station - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: E44 - operating
 CHG: 45 m³ tank - operating
 CHG: Chemical Plant - Tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: both wineries - Temperate climate zone added
 CHG: refining - tropic climate zones, tundra and more resources are added
 CHG: Sawmill - tropical climates and Mediterranean added
 CHG: Iron foundry - Mediterranean climate zone added
 CHG: Wine well - Mediterranean climate zone added
 CHG: Oil - Freight Price
 CHG: Overhead 201 km / h - maintenance
 CHG: Introducing years road signals
 ADD: Hochbahn / S-Bahn (in part) waytype = narrowgauge
 ADD: - adds the Monorail in the menus
 ADD: menu background / WKZ_UNDERGROUND_PICK
 ADD: pinnacle (cur land) - Winter Graphics
 CHG: substations maintenance
 FIX: Mercedes_Lo2000_catg6 - Capacity
 FIX: Brewery - keg beer
 FIX: Market - wine bottles
 FIX: small inn - bottles of beer removed
 ADD: BusStop4
 FIX: ships agricultural goods freight images corrected
 FIX: RES_21_26
 FIX: Sound DB_V_200, 5Ben220
 FIX: bewuchs_3
 CHG: max_transfers = 15
 ADD: Hanomag_LKW_catg1
 REM: Serj_Gaz-4_Goods_Truck, replaced by Hanomag_LKW_catg1
 ADD: Hanomag_LKW_catg1
 ADD: catg1_Anhaenger_1 for Hanomag Hanomag Tractors and Trucks
 CHG: runningcost combined passenger / postal ships
 CHG: runningcost buses
 CHG: Horse of a horse track
 FIX: grafics errors winter tunnels
 CHG: Aircraft Stations (Level enables_pax, enables_ware)
 CHG: Level Tram stations
 CHG: maintenance_building = 260
 CHG: Alex_castle 4x3 -> 4x4 (not in the old games)
 CHG: Production Rate Vineyard
 CHG: Gear BR38, BR39, SVT877
 CHG: Cost taxiway, runways
 ADD: overhead railway 40 km / h
 CHG: retire_year SOJO_pw2
 ADD: Passenger car B4Pr04
 CHG: runningcost BR64
 CHG: coach to replace wood graphic
 CHG: Orientation Lo2000/Büssing B8000 and trailers for cars
 CHG: Gear BR515 and BR517
 FIX: BR815-6 sequence and BR817-6
 CHG: DB_V_200 Gear
 FIX: Tab Tram Depot BW_38
 ADD: Buesing_B8000_Stahl
 ADD: Stahlanhaenger1
 CHG: Level 1950_AirportPostOffice, Terminal1950_AirportBlg
 CHG: Level BigTerminal1950_AirportBlg, ModernAirTerminal477
 FIX: Alignment Locos N and W
 CHG: Stop icons
 ADD: Buttons Wayobject route demolition (not all the menus)
 ADD: Buessing_B8000_catg2, anhaenger_catg2
 REM: Sandtransporter, replaced by Buessing_B8000_catg2
 REM: Sandanhaenger, replaced by Buessing_B8000_catg2
 ADD: extra graphic for railway in tunnels
 ADD: Winter Graphics Wasserturm_1 (Moritz)
 ADD: Winter Graphics Wasserturm_2 (Moritz)
 FIX: Hang displacement fields elevated bridge East-West ( Hochbahn )
 FIX: Alignment Ox
 FIX: waytype = electrified_track some locos
 CHG: retire year BR242
 FIX: Tab Tram Depot BE_70
 CHG: runningcost BR103
 FIX: Grafic error Station_MK_V_Halle
 FIX: Tab Tram Depot Combino
 FIX: Tab Tram Depot GT6M
 CHG: Trams are no longer together forever
 FIX: Graphic error Tram Depot
 CHG: Concrete Bridge Street (Classic Road) with walkway
 CHG: max_hops = 1050000
 ADD: Rail Station old_goods (vilvoh)
 CHG: Rail stations intro/retire Year
 CHG: Gerstenhof DistributionWeight, intro_year
 CHG: Bauernhof_1 and Bauernhof_2 DistributionWeight, intro_year
 CHG: Bauernhof_3 and Bauernhof_4 DistributionWeight
 ADD: kleiner_Bauernhof (MHz)
 FIX: Alignment Aircraft
 FIX: Alignment [NE] Post-trailers, general cargo, timber, steel
 ADD: Cargo Aircraft DC-10-30CF (vilvoh)
 CHG: Cost freight aircraft
 ADD: S/U-Bahn - Station_MK_VI_narrow, Station_MK_VIa_narrow (Alexander Brose)
 FIX: needs_ground Gasthaus_1a and Gasthaus_2
 CHG: Hochbahn -> S/U-Bahn
 ADD: Depot S/U-Bahn (vilvoh)
 ADD: Tunnel S/U-Bahn (MHz)
 FIX: Graphical corruption Railtunnel Concrete
 FIX: alignment elevated steel track
 CHG: menuconfig - ADD S / U-Bahn
 CHG: S/U-Bahn - topspeed = 100
 ADD: S/U-Bahn - BR 475/875 (Moistboy)
 ADD: S/U-Bahn - BR 477/877 (Moistboy)
 ADD: S/U-Bahn - BR 481/482 (Moritz)
 ADD: S/U-Bahn - BR 470/870 (Moistboy)
 CHG: S/U-Bahn - Signals
 FIX: Lowa trailer
 CHG: Pferdebahn retire year 1913
 ADD: switches for sand rail
 ADD: diverse sounds
 ADD: switches for Tram
 ADD: solid graphics for Street Road
 CHG: Orientation Trams TW38 and TW70

ADD = added | CHG = changed | FIX = bug fix | REM = removed
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