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Pak128.Britain and Translator

Started by prissi, October 28, 2011, 02:56:08 PM

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OK, first I brought the simutranslator up to date. Some languages were actually quite up to data; if there weren't tons of objects missing. Apart from the soccet and cricket fireld (which refuse upload completely) everything is there.

I had to fix tons of wrong image definitions on the way. Maybe for future using the form name.0.0 (which two numbers) will be enforce by makeobj. Also please do not use :/\?*'"[](){} in object names, as some file systems or databases (like the translator) do not like those.

The Hood

OK thanks.  Lots of pak128.Britain objects use () in their names - are these therefore absent from translator?  I really need to get my head around how that all works, as I've always done translations manually.


No its working with translator. BUt for new names, better do not use brakes. However, three objects used ',\, or / which is not working.

The Hood

Now you have kindly uploaded pak128.Britain to simutranslator, how do I add and translate new objects?  My old method of just adding new entries to is presumably not the best way forward?

Also, are there any translations/objects you need me to look into or change so they work with simutranslator?


The translator file is seriuosly messed up. About half of the entries in this files are wrong order; i.e. first the translated than the intended name. Then there is one missing line, shifting all entries to the other. About 30% of the objects there are not translated in the game for this reason.

YOu can use on simutranslator searc for text & objects. The select pak128.britain, select endglish an all untranslated text. This will list all objects without translation.



I noticed that the names of the factories that I had translated have been lost. The texts had parentheses "()"; the texts are gone for this reason or have been lost because the parentheses "()" were in the name of the object that I translated?

Parentheses "()" create problems in translated texts?

Sorry for my English



Some people translated factory_xxx_Details into names. However here the factory description must go. (E.g. see pak128 factory_details)

I downloaded text from translator, corrected them and uploaded them after reupload of the entire pak. But the pak set on translator contained some object which never had those names, while a lot of other stuff was missing.