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Networking simutrans is near

Started by prissi, January 01, 2010, 03:41:26 PM

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The networking code nearly reaches the first stage, where poeple can connect a game and play over the network on the same map. This long term effort is now coming into its final stage. You need a nightly and can then start a server by putting -server -log 0 -debug 0 on the commandline. In the client, you need to enter net: as name for the game to load.

This is still early code, so the nightlies actually may become instable for a little while. For playing, you might rather use 102.2.1. When reporting bugs on networking, at the moment report only those, where the client lost synchronisation reproducably and give exactly the order of commands needed and then last twenty lines of simu.log of the clients.

Bugs on joining and so on are still too early, as we know there are still many.


I split the "discussion" posts off "Announcement" post. Discussion can continue freely here:



Heh. Now Simutrans gets just the sort of network mode that I always considered the most instable one, and the most difficult one to make it work reliable.

But! How much better it is to get something done, than whining about the weaknesses of the approach.

Prissi, you and the team did something great there :)


Well, but this mode works for openTTD. And I think, synchronizing all events on larger maps will require impossible amounts of datas, comparing to just sending the user commands (which will be always few), and could even allow for DSL 384 users to play (after a long waiting time for download of course).


I think you did it right because ... you didn't talk so much, but just did it. And it works :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall