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Server Outage 2010.01.23

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, January 23, 2010, 07:28:12 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Around 9pm CST / 3am UTC/GMT, the server went down. I was not aware of the outage until 12:30am CST / 6:30am UTC/GMT.

Upon realizing the server was down, I immediately opened a ticket with iWeb. They investigated, found inconsistencies in the hard drive, rebooted into maintenance mode, resolved the issue, and rebooted the server, bringing it back only around 1:15am CST / 7:15am UTC/GMT.

This is the first server downtime I've had with iWeb that I recall; certainly the first problem I've had since I've had these servers; so I don't think this forecasts any further difficulties.

I'll see if I can run a hard drive scan soon to see if there are any possible problems. And it's time to do a backup anyway...