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Author Topic: Does SimuIndustries suffer for the global crisis and fired all the simuWorkers?  (Read 6249 times)

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Hi boys.

I'm writing because i have seen that industries does not  generate passengers and mail .

Do i am the only that have this kind of situation ?

I'm playing with 102.2.1 engine and 1.4.5 packset.

Do i have some setting to check?

Thanks to all .


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Hi Dimonios,

I'm writing because i have seen that industries does not  generate passengers and mail .

Please check if you have passenger and mail connections to the city/cities listed under "Workers live in:" in the factory info window. Passengers and mail come from/go to these cities.


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You mean all of them, or just one (which?)?
Maybe there is no route between your Industry Building and Workers homecity?
Cant say anything about mail yet.


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Cant say anything about mail yet.

Mail is generated in the same way as pax (actually within the same function), so what applies to pax with respect to factories also applies to mail.


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Thanks for reply.

Yes i must check better for the kind of industries, but i have connections, and in the propriety box of the industry i have workers live in ...

I remember for sure that bus a line that work for a:  3 shft coalmine - coalkraftwerk(i don't remember now the correct name of that industries,I play at home now i'm at work) , it is always in red because can' get passenger. I have checked the connection  .

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Industries do not generate people. You have to bring them in for work and then they go back.

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The same thing happens also for the tourist attractions?


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Yep, tourist attractions don't generate passengers themselves, they only attract passengers from the cities.


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HI guys .

I must apologize because yesterday  i had to shut te pc in a hurry ,they were to  lock me in the office, So please apolgize me all you kind people that give attention and relpy to my post.

However, in the evening i have made some test to check the connection of the industries and i had noticed two strange things.

1- It seems to me that all the kind of industries generate low passengers ,for example a sheep farm with 10 passenger generation level , can't generate any passenger, a coal mine with 50 passenger level generate some passenger.

I have tried to build near a sheep farm that don't generate passenger a curiosity building with the same passenger level(lighthouse), the lighthouse was near the sheep farm but not in the station area , so i built a station for the lighthouse.I have set up the schedule for two buses one for the sheepfarm and one for the lighthouse ,the two buses start from the bus stop of the townhouse that give workers for the sheepfarm  one for the industries and one for the lighthouse.Well in the station of the lighthouse i have passengers , in the station of the sheepfarm i  have not passenger.

I have made something similar with a coal mine and a StMicheal Attraction, each at level 50 of passengers, well in the station of the StMicheal i have much more passengers than in the coal mine station.

This is the first thinghs i have seen, the second is :

2-On the coal mine of the test with an attraction,(reloading the game for a diffrent test) ,i have a busstop buit il early'40 ,when there are only two busstop available, one of 32 passenger capability(small bus stop )and another of 64 passenger(sheltered busstop),if i use the small bus stop passenger are not generated , if i use sheltered bus stop few passenger are generated.I ' have tested this situation in another line with coalmine and it seems to me to have a confirm.

NB The things above i've write this morning before connecting, when i' have not alredy read the reply that say attraction doesen' t generate  passengers, but with my test i have see that when tourist attraction have a stop and a bus that can transport passengers , in the station passengers are created immediately when i give start  to the bus, before the bus arrive  at the stop.

Thanks already to all



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For your first point, just as VS and Combuijs said above, factories do not generate pax and mail themselves. Pax and mail are generated from city buildings only. If the city in question is currently rather small with few city buildings which are also at low levels, you can expect that few pax and mail will travel to/from the factory (especially mail as the amount generated is lower than pax).

Tourist attractions also do not generate pax and mail themselves. But unlike factories, which rely on nearby cities, pax and mail generated from city buildings in any city may go to any of the tourist attractions. Thus, if you have connections to that tourist attraction from many cities, you can expect more pax and mail.

For your second point, the choice of stop with smaller or larger capacity should not affect pax's willing to travel, unless the halt is overcrowded (reached its full capacity).

Edit :

One more point. Pax and mail chooses their destination, and does not go to somewhere just because you have provided a connection. There may be more than one factory within the vicinity, so it may be that the pax want to go to other factories instead. You can only judge from the pax level that, the higher the pax level, the more likely factory goers will choose that factory as their destination.
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Yes, the cities of my test were quite small, i have a map with 200 small cities ,so your explanation is clear.
I think also that the architecture of my lines can generate many hops  so is possible  the parameter MAX_HOPS get in the way.

Thanks,Thanks,Thanks  you all

Bye Saverio