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Smart shortcuts to start with a Simutrans determined PAK

Started by VictorKoehler, December 24, 2010, 02:57:56 AM

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:idea: Hello my friends, today I had a desire to organize shortcuts Simutrans. Before I wanted to warn you that my translator is not good, ok?
Let's talk from scratch:

When I started Simutrans had to choose the PAK.
In some cases, error at startup of the game. When I only had a PAK (64), opened the game normally!

Then I thought, "How can I do to open only with a PAK Simutrans defined?" And I found the answer! I was enough to create a SFX Extractor of WinRAR!
I was filling out the forms and Editing, and with new ideas at every moment. I finished the shortcuts.

The shortcuts were good, I'll teach you how to do this is reading! look like it was a folder:

You can do this with any compactor SFX, as long as he can do these minimum requirements:
Delete Files and Folders
Run file after extraction

I recommend downloading WinRAR:

What will we do? Get the folder of your Paks. Copy to any folder where you can easily access and separate the pak for over a folder, for example:
You copied the folder PAK128. Now put this folder inside another. And rename the folder to only pak128 "pak".
Ready! Now let's get started!

I am Brazilian WinRAR and language during the stages will be Portuguese, but the buttons and text boxes are not elsewhere. And also translate everything!

We open the context menu as you can see in the image above

Now entering WinRAR and make the first steps. Options SFX to fill the destination address and Simutrans

In "Advanced" was not hard, just enough to put "pak", there is the reason why I recommended WinRAR. In "Methods"was set methods: self-extracting and replace files.

In this last step, you can pick an icon, image, title, and text (the text will not be necessary for these shortcuts) All this is a matter of appearance. This is the final step. Then just press "OK"(For the two windows) and wait for compaction.

But if you think little can go exploring and improving WinRAR shortcuts!

Ready! Now just rename the executable to your name, for example:
Now do it with the other paks.
Now just create shortcuts to executables.

After you create shortcuts, create a shortcut for Simutrans also. Thus, without excluding anything, the last pak.  O Ultimo PAK vai ser executado!

Liked this tip?, Tutorial? or "sermon"? :o
I have helped you, especially those who play with many Paks!

Translated by Google Translate

Download of the PAK64.Brasil b3ta here


Not sure if I understand this correctly, but if I do... why so complicated? You can create (and copy and change) shortcuts with Windows itself.  ???
***** PAK128 Dev Team - semi-retired*****


Files from created programm group in Start menu and icons to Desktop.

The image is from german install.


 ;) I do it because I did not copy over a simutrans.
That is, having "Two Simutrans folders, Two Simutrans Application" with different paks.
I created the extractor. It deletes the files from the previous PAK, and
extracts the the new PAK. ;D

I did this so that it is all automatic. Just open and
play! 8) ::'(

:o I confess, is somewhat difficult, to do. :o :P

Download of the PAK64.Brasil b3ta here