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City Statistics help text - explanation needed

Started by sanna, December 19, 2009, 07:18:46 PM

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The City Statistics help text is extremely outdated, the only stats mentioned are citizens, city growth, traveled and passengers; and of course the brand new option to control whether city growth is allowed or not is not mentioned. I am trying to update the help text; but find this to be extremely difficult, since I quite simply do not know exactly what is shown by each separate graph. The notes in simcity.h says:
enum city_cost {
HIST_CITICENS=0,// total people
HIST_GROWTH, // growth (just for convenience)
HIST_BUILDING, // number of buildings
HIST_CITYCARS, // number of citycars generated
HIST_PAS_TRANSPORTED, // number of passengers who could start their journey
HIST_PAS_GENERATED, // total number generated
HIST_MAIL_TRANSPORTED, // letters that could be sended
HIST_MAIL_GENERATED, // all letters generated
HIST_GOODS_RECIEVED, // times all storages were not empty
HIST_GOODS_NEEDED, // times sotrages checked
HIST_POWER_RECIEVED, // power consumption (not used at the moment!)
MAX_CITY_HISTORY // Total number of items in array

which should correspond to:const char *hist_type[MAX_CITY_HISTORY] =
"citicens", "Growth", "Buildings", "Verkehrsteilnehmer",
"Transported", "Passagiere", "sended", "Post",
"Arrived", "Goods", "Electricity"

These are my guesses, please correct any faulty assumption, so that I can produce a helpful, instead of an unhelpful, help text *smile*

Citizens: the number of people that live in the urban area no change from current help text content, only re-wording
City growth: changes in population (dependent on city size and transport service provided for passengers and mail).
No. of buildings: how many city buildings there are in the urban area. newly added
City cars: how many city cars have been created this is a guess, it might be how many is driving the streets during the time period in question, or something else
Traveled: passengers that have entered the transport network (shown as a <a href="station.txt">happy face</a> in Stop Information) removed and mail
Passengers: Total number of passengers generated in the urban area.  removed and mail
sent: Mail that has entered the transport network newly added, guess based on the simcity.h notes, button text should be changed to Sent mail or some such.
mail: Total number of mail generated in the urban area.  newly added, guess...
Arrived:  I am quite at a loss here..., the simcity.h note seems to imply that it is a question of factories within city limits that have raw materials in storage. But I do not know the unit of quantity, nor do I know if it is only when all requirements for production are fulfilled that counts - and if such "requirements" include the consumer actually buying the product..(i.e, when the factory actually is producing something) I guess this is somehow connected to when the factory itself shows green instead of red... Anyway, a better button text is also needed to show this has to do with goods, not passengers nor mail (if that is so....)
Goods: Again I am at a loss, I presume possibly related to when a factory shows red... but I dare not even guess...


This is the same as for all cities (see city_info and require some more explanation. For each step all factories connected to a city will be checked, whether their input storages are empty or not. This gives the number (in percent) for each city. For the world statistics these number are just summed up. Probably "supply" would be more adequate term.

is the total number of goods *transported* by the players. So for each transfer, they are counted twice ... (but only goods, not passengers, not mail).


Well, I gave updating the help text a go. Please see and correct it if there are errors

I also changed the button texts to reflect the wording used in this help text.


For city window, goods is the number of times, the storage was check, while Suuply is the number of times storage was not empty. Percentage for Trips, Percentage and Suppy is only for the world statistics in the city list. Aparently I misunderstood your question.


Lets see if I understand this now...

Goods is a number of times the storage of all the factories within city limits have been checked - with this you mean "checked by code" I presume. What is this number dependent on? And Supply is how many times these checks returned a positive answer - there are goods in the storage?

So these two values are a way to try to show how well you service the factories, and stand in relation to one another kind of like Passengers and Trips... the goal is to try to keep these curves as close together as possible? Do these values also influence city growth, or is that only dependent on servicing passengers and mail? And I am still unsure if the positive answer (there are goods in storage) is given if there are any goods in storage, or only when all goods/raw materials needed to produce goods are present.

I changed the help text to:Supply:Number of times there were goods in storage at city factories
Goods:Number of times storage of city factories have been checked.

Is this better?

Is the current wording for the other buttons satisfactory?