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Diagonal Roads & squiggly curves

Started by Bub, January 29, 2011, 11:39:45 PM

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Dear Simutrans team, I have been noticing that roads that link city to city usually have many squiggly curves. I would like to suggest using diagonal roads. Squiggly curves can still be permitted, but less frequently. This innovation to your game will allow more speed and less traffic. Especially for me, (I set the traffic level as high as possible) :-).



Diagonals/curves are exactly the same and have the same effect on the speed of vehicles, a diagonal road is just a set of curves (but drawn differently by the game engine). It's a matter for the pakset as to whether the graphics are present to do diagonals or not. This tends to be an artistic decision taken on the part of the pakset maintainer.
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Pak 128 will have diagonals instead of curves, as soon as I manage to release the new road set :)