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Play with an interactive artificial life model
« on: February 09, 2010, 04:03:38 PM »
I was searching information about genetic algorithms when I found this funny and interesting IA sandbox, with online and offline versions, called Mitozoos.

Mitozoos is an interactive artificial life model created with the objective that through experimentation and play participants will understand the relationship between genetic code and life. The work presents an interface that allows participants to create virtual organisms, called ‘mitozoos’, essentially encoding their DNA, and then witness the evolution of those organisms in a simulated, biological universe. These mitozoos live, reproduce and die, in a system which allows their genetic code to carry on and even mutate, generation after generation. In Mitozoos, genetic information is displayed as a series of color codes, designed taking into account the actual chemical basis of DNA.

It's funny to see how the features of the different life forms evolve: large legs, narrow bodies, long antennae.... It's worthwhile to play a bit.  :)