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Author Topic: TileCutter 0.5.4 Alpha Release  (Read 8886 times)

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TileCutter 0.5.4 Alpha Release
« on: February 09, 2010, 06:04:34 PM »
There is a newer release of TileCutter available, see:

This is an alpha release of the new TileCutter.

Please note that this version is still under development, and there may be some major bugs. If you do encounter any issues using it please submit a bug report by posting in reply to this thread with the following information:

1. Circumstances and description of the issue
2. tilecutter.log and TileCutter5.exe.log (if present)

Changes 0.5.4:

FIX: Better controls layout
FIX: Bug with mask production on wxGTK
FIX: Better handling of save locations, caching of last save location
FIX: Dialog boxes positioned centered on application, not centered on window
ADD: Application window fits to size of contents on start
ADD: Updated translations

Known Bugs
- Panel display bug when choosing different languages, workaround is to resize the window, which appears to fix this

What's new
UI Improvements

What's still to do
Specific platform source distribution via .zip/.tar.gz file
Lots of testing
Full dat file editor
Smoke editor
Online documentation
Mac distribution
Windows msi installer

All the paths in the main window are relative to the project save location path. This is intended to allow you to put all your work files in one directory, and then to be able to move or zip that directory and send it to someone else while preserving all the links to the images. Also note that the images are not saved with the project file, only links to them are (this may change at some point).

It's also worth pointing out that in order for the one click exporting to work (e.g. makeobj integration) you need to have filled out the correct details in the dat editing window. Currently this is just a text entry box, but this will change in future to a proper dat editing UI. The image array information is automatically generated and appended to whatever you type into this box.

You can download this alpha release of TileCutter from the following link: (5.4 MB)

You can also download a source distribution: (232 KB)

NOTE: The source distribution requires that you have Python 2.6 or better installed already, and depends upon the wxWidgets library.

And you can check out the source for this release from the SVN, using this URL:


And the current latest version from this one:


While this version of TileCutter is listed as an alpha release, it is in all likelihood more stable and likely to work than the previous (0.3d.1) version. I recommend using this version over the 0.3 releases.
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