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The International Simutrans Forum Rules and Guidelines

Started by IgorEliezer, February 20, 2010, 09:55:56 PM

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The International Simutrans Forum Rules and Guidelines

These guidelines are here to facilitate the smooth operation of the forum and to protect the community as well as their activities and works. Make sure you have read them. These are not, for the most part, hard and fast rules; in fact, they can help you to better enjoy your stay here.

A detailed and explained text of these Rules and Guidelines can be found here.


1.   The International Simutrans Forum is the official community of "Simutrans transportation simulator" and has the goal of gathering developers and fans to discuss, develop and publish Simutrans.

2.   13 years-old is the minimum age required to become a member of the community.

3.   Every member must:

   a.   be nice and respect other members, as well as their opinions and works;
   b.   not offer by any way offensive, harmful or hateful content;
   c.   not post and link copyrighted material without permission;
   d.   follow rules and guidelines created for the forum, boards and community's activities;
   e.   not behave like, act or impersonate Administrators and Moderators.

4.   Guidelines for postings:

   a.   post in correct and appropriate sections/boards of forum;
   b.   only post one idea/issue per topic;
   c.   make your topic titles descriptive showing what the topic is treating;
   d.   try to keep posts generally on-topic;
   e.   double-post only to add new and useful information that otherwise can be missed;
   f.   do not spam;
   g.   write properly and in understandable way.


1st Amendment: Changes the double-post rule

Quote"4.e. do not double-post (posting two times in a row in the same thread) within 24 hours;"

Quote"4.e. double-post only to add new and useful information that otherwise can be missed;"