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Possible source of ship graphics

Started by jamespetts, April 10, 2010, 11:57:32 AM

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I have noticed that Zeno is producing a goodly number of ships for Pak128, using Blender - see here for his 'blog. Some of these ships, if re-exported from Blender with Pak128.Britain settings, could well be useful to this pakset, if Zeno agrees for them to be used in that way. There are at least four or five good looking ships that might be useful to Pak128.Britain there.
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The Hood

When I next get chance to do some drawing (I seem to have rather a lot of other things taking up my free time at the minute, so not sure when exactly that will be) I will keep working through the steamship era (I have a list of steamers up to around 1900 that I want to draw).  I am sure Zeno wouldn't mind us adapting his work for pak128.Britain given he has said he will allow something similar with his planes, so if you or anyone else with pak128.Britain blender skills want to ask him and adapt them for pak128.Britain then I'd be happy to include them in the set.