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Author Topic: Little observation about industry in Simutrans & other ideas  (Read 2448 times)

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Little observation about industry in Simutrans & other ideas
« on: February 28, 2010, 05:24:59 PM »
   When it is very first industry(in other word, end consumer) which a city is affected,
   it is most efficient pure growth enhancer. Since it opens up the usage of industry growth factor for faster growth.
   Also, this is the time when it is easiest to achieve 100% industry growth factor.

   After the first one, further end consumer(any shop, dealer, wholesaler which consumer final product)
   influence over city becomes burden for the growth. Of course, it is better than having no industry at all
   but after 2nd one becomes burden since player have to satisfy more consumer.
   This is good representation of the phenomenon that bigger the population, it becomes harder to keep the pace of growth.
   For small cities, arrival of freight means a lot. Thus fast growth(easy 100% on industry growth factor).

                           _Now about for some detail._
                           Shouldn't actual producer cities obtain this industry growth factor for the fact that they produce and  
                           getting the wealth for it? Current ideal case is city with coal power plant. They produce electricity, thus
                           it obtains wealth as its reward(employment, income, force to consume more).
                           I mean this.
                                             Amount and variety of consumption per population [is parallel] to their productivity.
                           How about a car dealer in city? This will be the interpretation. As game does not simulates all aspects
                           of economy, player can somehow assume that when new consumer appears in a city(or cities affected by it),
                           that city in question was productive in some other aspect. Say maybe in finance?

  As I am a more builder,industry and logistic maniac person, these things came in my mind.
  And yes, I also love watching passenger moving around, Simutrans is fantastic all around.
  Its just that I want to see more organic interaction between passenger/mail and freight demand.
  I'm not clear my self what I want so I'm at the stage where I'm observing and thinking.

  _Additional Note_
  I think, size of economy should define the size of population map can house.
  Size being variety of final product, which is volume of industry and derivative commerce.

  _Note on current game mechanics_
  Assume there is a rather packed group of cities and if one of the them houses gasoline station and
  the station is affecting all near by cities and finally, the station is supplied perfectly.
  This arises some issues in my taste at least. The consumed amount stays the same but its effect
  is multiplied by the number of cities which are affected by that gasoline station.

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