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Transportation dependency
« on: March 03, 2010, 10:06:35 PM »
    EDIT(5th March 2010): I wasn't clear on my intention. This is not just to imitate real world situation.
              This could create situation where only higher level of service will able to create larger transportation
              client. You could partially service city and fast forward the game, city still can grow at comfortable manner
              to increase the network later at player's taste.
              Plus, there were situation where when city gets large enough, some could ignore
              part of city area since city can still grow with partially serving the city. Plus, there is fast forward thus
              it is more so.
              Game's one of goal was to connect everything together. This proposal was to curve down
              above mentioned controversial situation where one arbitrary ignores developed area.
              Also, when online play comes into play, this feature could used to show more per city service quality
              player can express.
   As cities grow, they become dependent on player's transportation service to run their city.
    Affected by its size village, city and capital size.
    I wish we could put various negative value multiplier on passenger, mail and freight on different
    stage of city size. Like example below for example.
    Multiplier type      Village                      City                    Capital          
    Passenger                 40                        60                            80  
    Mail                            20                        30                            40
    Freight                       20                        30                            40
    Pass.Dependency        0                       -20                           -40
    Mail.Dependency         0                        -10                           -20
    Freight.Dependency    0                        -10                           -20

   So at city level, if one succeeds departing all passenger, it will be 60-20=40 and will be as if there were no penalty.
   If no passenger departed for example in above city, half of supposed to be growth value from passenger multiplier
   will turn into negative value and either subtracted from city population or add up as penalty to be overcome
   with later growth.  

   EDIT: If this renders game harder to grow too much, pak designer or interested player can modify the growth
             factor to off set the proposed effect.
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Re: Transportation dependency
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2010, 09:16:51 AM »
Would this not mean that, if a player started a new game with lots of larger towns, they would all shrink until they became villages or the player got around to connecting them?

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Re: Transportation dependency
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2010, 01:50:31 PM »
For that matter, I assume initial population to be absolutely independent.
So, if they were cities or capitol class from the beginning, they will remain so.

There's even other possibility I can think of where they have one or two decade time before
they get actual shrink/penalty.

There could be actual shrink in population number(so there's less passenger/mail generated and
next industry generation is pushed away)
Growth penalty where population does not shrink but city could suffer a penalty where
if for example if it is -100, city must grow +100 for actual real growth can be started.

EDIT1-5th-March-2010-:This shouldn't make these cities and capitols exempt from
        dependency factor. Maybe instead of city size class, it should change depending on
        how much it grown. So in chart in 1st post, it will be instead of village, city, capitol, it will be
        experienced growth: X,Y,Z. For example, 500, 2000, 10 000.
        So, first 500 population growth is free of dependency, from 501~2000, the next stage and so on.

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