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Author Topic: Mechanism idea on online mode and cooperative play  (Read 2441 times)

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Mechanism idea on online mode and cooperative play
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:34:38 PM »

    If delivering freight to city triggered increased passenger and mail generation for that city?
    Also, increased passenger and mail departure percentage contributed to better effect of freight
    on city's growth?
    Effect seems hard to imagine at first but imagine a multiplayer map where there is one who prefer
    serving freight and others for passengers and mail.

    Freight person could help other passenger/mail preferred players cities to generate more passenger
    and mail for them. In return, freight person could enjoy more delivered good effects on the cities
    it serves if pass/mail person arrives to serve his cities, or he could do him self with his stable income.

    On detail side, no additional bonus is needed. This could work around by just capping
    1. passenger/mail generation rate for each city and cap lifted as freight arrival rate increase.
    2. add actual effectiveness percentage on freight multiplayer depending on px/mail departure rate.
    Simple example
    1. If more than 50% freight arrive, p/m generation rate increase from default 50% to 100%
    2. If more than 35% of p/m departs from the city, freight effect restored to 100% from initial 35%
    Ideal will be number of rule and its values at the hands of pak designers.
    Even in single player mode, we could observe some interesting effects such as sharp increase
    in number of p/m to be dealt as new challenge/planning aspect.