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Author Topic: Some final products behave as passenger/mail  (Read 1912 times)

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Some final products behave as passenger/mail
« on: March 08, 2010, 02:46:03 PM »
   Summary: Make being able to cross connect certain final product type (with slight fluctuation)

   "Consumer: I want this shoe, that shoe and those shoes!"

   Currently, final product such as car, medicines, furniture and books have designated final
   consumer or you could choose its destination if it is cross connected.
   Although it isn't described in game, those products could have its brand and can be of different types.
   Such as for car, there is brand X and Y. I guess consumer have choice to buy what brand of car
   for an example.

   But instead of making new cargo type like car_brand_1 or car_brand_2, can't they be like mail
   which they have destinations?

   If there is two car assembly plants and 2 car dealers in whole map, both car dealers will be the
   destinations for both car assembly plants.

   This can bring logistic challenge from more early stage of game and even more complex later.
   Thus asking for more extensive use of freight terminal/distribution station/stop.

    Detail and problems
   If possible, final products listed on station like passenger and mail does.

                     Town A car dealer :  180 cars
                     City B car dealer :  210 cars            
    for example.
    The proportion varying time to time as in passenger/mail does.
    Thus requiring more transport capacity.

    I believe game will be stay the same, it just that requirements will be tougher.

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