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One-way Two-lane road Fun Patch

Started by THLeaderH, February 06, 2017, 02:04:26 AM

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I see the logo has been updated slightly  ;)


OTRP was updated to ver17_5. To download the latest executable files, visit

<updates since v17>

  • Some fixes for vehicle movements.
  • wayobj spacing
  • Cityroads do not connect to roads that is set "avoid becoming cityroad".
  • Height offset for the construction of elevated way. It's useful when you build way at very high altitude.

Thank you for your support for OTRP. The number of amazing videos that use OTRP is gradually increasing. Check those videos  ;D


Is this patch compartible with 123.0?
Every time i want to load 123.0 with this patch the game says "out of memory"