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Transferring MediaWiki texts to Simutrans-Germany Wiki (EDIT: DONE!)

Started by IgorEliezer, March 12, 2010, 08:58:15 PM

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Oh hi there!

I transferred some stuff from the old English Wiki to the new wiki:

If you have an account in the new wiki (, you can check the pages that were created or edited by me and make the changes that you feel like it's needed (see recent changes).

The other pages that may need to be transfered can be found here: . If you see a "Note: The text was transferred to Simutrans-Germany Wiki", this means that the text is already transferred; or a "Note: Check relevant text in Simutrans-Germany Wiki", this means that the text in the new wiki is better, therefore the text was erased or had been transferred way back before.


Thanks a lot! It's good to know the project is nearing completion, after years :D I never find time for any wiki-related work ::(

My projects... Tools for messing with Simutrans graphics. Graphic archive - templates and some other stuff for painters. Development logs for most recent information on what is going on. And of course pak128!


The converging of all international wiki-type documentation is a great effort. What I really miss though in the wiki-SW that was chosen is a clear path to get to the same page in a different language ( provided it exists ). The languages namespaces appear to be totally separate.




Is there still any page in the old wiki ( that needs to be transferred to the current one ( Because, we could kill the old wiki altogether and redirect everything to the current wiki.


Nothing under "Create DAT Files" got transferred, all is missing.  All the linked pages are blank:

Igor, old Wiki shows you also deleted the content from the old Wiki on 9 January, and I can still see the old text under History on the old wiki, but the new wiki says the last modification to those pages was the auto-creation in July 2012.

Please let's not lose those!  There many be many others... why did your edits not get saved in the new wiki?


I tried transferring old text into but ran into problems.

  • Old wiki has headings like: "====Fourth-level====" which don't work.  Apparently the new wiki has three levels "!" through "!!!" instead... yes?
  • Old wiki has text like: "may also use traction_type[0] to specify..." but the brackets now turn into hyperlinks... how should this be handled?
  • Old wiki has embedded pictures.  The new wiki only seems to let me insert URLs... how to handle?
Furthermore, there was a page which began, "Settings in the DAT files of industries /// The parameters and values are separated by '-'" ...and ended with a chart of MapColors, which I revised about two weeks ago.  That page -- about six printed pages' worth -- has utterly vanished.  It's not even in Google's cache.  Will we have to scour for backups?

The more I look on the new wiki, the more I find nothing but blank pages.  Have we lost everything?


Have you read Or the notice on the registered users page?

Me and Frank are transferring the contents from the old wiki. This takes some time.


Quote from: wlindley on January 19, 2013, 10:37:25 PMThe more I look on the new wiki, the more I find nothing but blank pages.  Have we lost everything?
No, nothing was lost. Of course there are articles that never were written or never were transferred from the old wiki.

The story is, Frank updated the current wiki to a new version (v.9) and it requires that pages from the previous version (v.5) be ported manually.

We'd better make this port (v.5 -> v.9) first and then transfer the remaining content from the old wiki (Mediawiki) which uses a language which is not supported by the current wiki (TikiWiki); this explains why the "====" didn't work.