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Savegames Pak64 simutrans
« on: March 14, 2010, 12:32:11 PM »
First, I apologize for my English translator ...

Here we keep the savegames of pak64. Here I put one ... which is called Aranda, has 30 lines of buses, 10 subway lines and a few lines of aircraft. I made it :D

Here's a great savegame called "The World", courtesy of fuzion_051. It is a very good savegame, I recommend! (
 the savegame. The link of pak64 ... for this savegame

Here anyone can upload their savegame. I will put more savegames on some days, Limoncello

PS: If I have a bad English, tell me please

[ES] Aquí podremos poner partidas salvadas del pak64. Aqui pondre una... Se llama Aranda, tiene 30 lineas de micros, 10 o mas lineas de metro y unas cuantas lineas de avión. La hize yo :D

Aqui esta una gran partida llamada "the world", cortesia de fuzion_051. ¡Es una muy buena partida, la recomiendo! el enlace a Megaupload, donde se descargar la partida. El link del pak64... para este savegame (Tendras que cambiar el pak64 antiguo y ponereste ;)

Aquí cualquiera puede cargar su savegame.Pondre más en unos dias, Limoncello

PD: Si tengo mal las palabras o la expresión el ingles, por favor, diganme... ;)
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Re: Savegames Pak64 simutrans
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 12:08:03 PM »
Do you have any addons? It looks like you probably have the food addons because the game complains about not having an old farm. Can you tell us if there are any others?

EDIT: The food pak is needed for this savegame. Good map! :D I like the use of underground. I have not ever been able to make a metro like that.

PS: Your English is fine.  :)
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Re: Savegames Pak64 simutrans
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2010, 04:02:07 PM »
Thank you. I'll get more addons, if you're interested. talking about my savegame, the subway is a part of all the map, the monorail is my next advancement (which I am doing now).

I always have many passengers and little transport, and, there's a lot of Buses that I add per day and therefore a lot of money from which all things necessary pay freezes. As a second plan is a highway who really could use the busses and decongest the traffic a bit, at list. I send you the update when I finished, a big greeting. At your service, Limoncello.

P.S: If you don't understand my english, use translator.
P.S. II:  Sorry, now I understood what you asked first. I got so many addons that do not really remember. I 'll check them and I tell you, I'm sorry. Greetings, Limoncello.

[ES] Siempre tengo muchos pasajeros y poco transporte,y, como son tantos autobuses que agrego, se me paran todos los autobuses, y, por lo tanto mucho dinero de donde pago todas las cosas necesarias se congela. Como segundo plan, es una autovia que verdaderamente la puedan usar los autobuses y poder descongestionar aunque sea un poco. Te mando cuando termine las actualizaciones, un gran saludo. A tu servicio, Limoncello.

PD: Si alguien no entiende mi ingles, por favor usen un traductor.
PD 2: Tengo tantos addons que puse que realmente no me acuerdo. Reviso y te digo, perdoname, un saludo, Limoncello.
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