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Question on trams in 102.2.2e

Started by sanna, October 01, 2010, 06:07:48 AM

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I just started a new game in 1910 and built a tram line. According to the wiki/SimuTranslator, there should only be Berliner Pferdebahn available until 1913. However, in my tram depot I find a vehicle called SOJO_pw2_tram, which clearly is an adaptation of the SOJO_pw2 (1882-1965). The SOJO_pw2_tram is introduced 05.1882 and retired 01.1913.

It is all fine to have another tram car besides the Berliner Pferdebahn, but I am unsure how it is intended to be used. At the time the only available "locomotive" is a pair of tram horses; but the car cannot be directly attached to them. However, if I first place a Berliner Pferdebahn-car after the horses, then I can attach any number of SOJO_pw2_tram after that; which of course immediately pushes the stop requirements to 2 tiles as well as make the convoy to heavy for the tram horses to pull (0 km/h given in the depot dialogue). If the car is intended to be pulled by the tram horses, surely there is a constraint error here?

At first I thought it was possibly pulled by an electric tram, but electrifying the depot gives no extra electricity tab, nor any alternative locomotives. And since it is set to retire 1913, I will not be able to run it after the introduction of the T13_TW in 1913 either (regardless of how the constraints are set on that tram). On rail I run the SOJO_pw2 pulled by the electric SOJO_ET184 (1904-1965).

Now to the question... *smile* Is my pak messed up, or is the introduction of the SOJO_pw2_tram only partially ready? I cannot find any mention of it in the 102.2 change logs...


I would love to have a steam tram! Hope you get around to finalizing this *smile*