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SNFOS Galeries Deluxe Addon

Started by mad_genius, May 04, 2015, 02:08:43 PM

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Hi there!

I've been using some of the addons available on the SNFOS website. They're very good.

There's only one little detail that seems strange to me. It is the fact that the Galeries Deluxe buildings can spawn far away from cities.

Is it possible to change this building to make it a "city industry" building?


Hi !

Just to let you know that we are taking care of your request:
I sent a mail to Gwalch yesterday, since he is the only still-alive author of this addon. He did not answer yet, he should answer in a couple of days.


Thanks for the info gauthier, and for all the amazing work of the SNFOS team.


You're welcome !

Gwalch answered me, he is busy these times but he is going to rework the addon.


Sorry to bother you guys with this, but since we're on the topic of reworking the SNFOS industry buildings, I've spotted a few inconsistencies about the Galeries Deluxe and the Covered Market.

It seems that currently they are not contributing to encourage city growth. Initially I thought it was normal since the Galeries Deluxe isn't spawning as a "city industry". But after connecting several factories to a Covered Market I spotted the same thing happening with this industry, which seems odd since it currently spawns on cities.
Can you clarify me on some points:

  • The fact that a factory is designated as a "city industry" in its pak file doesn't mean it encourages city growth automatically?
  • Is the Covered Market a "city industry" or I just got "lucky" with the 2 markets in my game map being spawn in cities?
The other detail is the fact that both the Galeries Deluxe and the Covered Market only have the electricity symbol next to the Max Production/Consumption Rate which means only electricity increases this rate and not passengers or mail. Once again it seemed normal for the Galeries Deluxe but the same happens for the Covered Market.

I've attached a jpg edited screenshot showing/describing these details.
It's nothing really gamebreaking or anything like that, it's just minor details for you guys to take a look in case it's a "quick fix".


Hi mad_genius

Yes, i am very busy at this time... I will make corrections as soon as possible.
For your questions :

-  About city grwth, i don't know exactly how it works...

- Yes, the covered market is a "city_industry", but the deluxe galery is not. I will correct this parameter.

- They have only electric symbol because the passenger and mail bonus have been recently added to the game, and those french addons are older. I will correct that too

And the perfume chain is not well balanced, some productions are very high, some other not... It's not only little modifications... ???
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- Industry : Collaborator for french food with Wine and Cheese...


Thanks for your answers gwalch.

It's not really anything gamebreaking, it's just minor details.
So don't worry, just take your time and, as people usually say, "it's done when it's done". :D :D