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Fences pak

Started by gauthier, March 24, 2010, 11:02:53 AM

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This is a small addon useful to make highroads or some realistic landscape ;)
description and download here


It's a great addon, mainly for landscape lovers, but I think there's a problem with FrontImage and BackImage. Take a look at the second picture. The east-west fence should be at the front, and the north-south one at the backside.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


there is no north-south fence in the second picture  ???
could you explain with a picture ?


There is one... but I think it's actually part of a curiosity building...

EDIT: did you try using "draw_as_ding=1" ?
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I think some of them could be included in Official Pak. VS, what do you think?


Quote from: gauthier on March 24, 2010, 03:34:35 PM
what is that ?

A parameter for occasions such as this. ;) After all fences are ways - and ways are designed so that they (by default) never cover/hide anything on a tile "behind" them. And for normal ways this usually makes sense. For higher structures, such as fences however... it makes indeed sense to have them covering/hiding what's behind them... and this is where the above mentioned parameter comes into play. IIRC - can't check it on the German wiki, because it's apparently down.

Just try it and see if the graphical glitch on picture #2 still occurs.
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thanks ^^

I'm trying it immediatly ;)

EDIT : I replaced the file on SNFOS'website ;)


Downloaded and added to Pak seems excellent!
Love the description especially for the CGT!

"EN GRAIVE!!!" (cf: spectacle des inconnus ;))
Créateur de véhicule routier français:
Making French road vehicule a reality:

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fances its very good very nice


It is good to have motorway with fence to prevent city growth that eventually affects the motorway itself.


Works nicely when translated to pak64 too!

Here's the converter:
Life is like a Simutrans transformer:

You only get one of them, and you can't have it on a slope.


Don't reduce objects'size, just play pak128 :p

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Any chance these are on the list for an update to work with the latest slopes? :)


Indeed although I don't have much spare time these days.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I always feel guilty for asking about such things for precisely a reason like that. lol.

The fact that you are aware of it is quite sufficient for me. :)


QuoteI always feel guilty for asking about such things
don't :) without such requests I would almost forget about this.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

hehe, no worries, then. I adore the fences. It's currently the only add-on I use :)


I'm glad you like them, it is as good as rare to get some feedback about addons.


Update of this addon for pak128 2.5.0 and higher (half heights). Sorry for the delay  :-X

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Oh, you know you've made me a happy camper! <3

edit: finally I can imprison my cities again! mUAH-HAH-HHHAAAAAaahhhhhhhHHHHH


I wonder if I can be charged for citizens'starvation resulting from their total isolation now.


In America? Sure! There is no indication in the pak you supplied that it should not be used to imprison cities. Hence you are guilty!  8)
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So, we imprison Gauthier in his own fences?  :P


Quote from: Combuijs on June 02, 2015, 02:19:34 PM
In America?
Fortunately I'm not there ! So I will stay in France ... eeer wait, I'm in Japan currently, so ... well, I will stay there  :D

Anyway if you imprison me with the brick wall it's okay  ;D

Isaac Eiland-Hall


Also needs a benevolent dictator statue for surveillance purposes.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote from: gauthier on June 03, 2015, 12:55:15 PM
May I add a subway station under me ?

Well, considering that was on Default Island, it's the only city, and... uh... I removed all the houses just to give you more room. AND technically, it exists on my computer, so no YOU can't add a subway station under you. ;-)

Quote from: Lmallet on June 03, 2015, 01:55:24 PM
Also needs a benevolent dictator statue for surveillance purposes.

Hey, pak128 so that's actually doable. :D


If it was done I would not add it to the pakset so you can't build it, ahah ! (I just hope Fabio does not show up then so he would add it instead ...).