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mac application bundle

Started by leopard, August 08, 2008, 04:44:38 PM

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sort of have an application bundle working now, i.e. no need for a 'launch' program or to start the game from a terminal window, currently the pak contents are located within the application bundle. i.e. it will appear as a single file, this makes adding *.pak files marginally more difficult, but not impossible.

as yet it also makes passing command line parameters difficult, however it does work, and is using a customised version of the SDL cocoa application template so it should be possible to add these functions back in to the game itself.

its not a universal binary as yet, not got that far.

current thinking is to allow the program to work this way, but to add a check so if any of the configuration files are found in the same directory as the application bundle it will use these files, and not the internal ones.

thus it becomes possible to distribute a 'working' version of the game, complete with pak, as a single file, though a zip archive of the bundle, with pak 64 included is close to 6MB, or to distribute a 'non working' copy that will still require the pak to be downloaded in addition.

not fully sure which way to go, but if I can get the choice code working to switch between them its simple enough.

so, progress in turning simutrans into a standard apple mac application.
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