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Simuworld Challenge

Started by Fuzzy Peach, April 04, 2010, 05:13:55 PM

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Fuzzy Peach

I have made a challenge! It is in a place called simuworld. You must use the default pak128 with SNFOS fences.

Current Leaderboard (Contest isn't closed yet)

1st place: Fishstick - 79 points.
2nd place:
3rd place:

Each goal is worth a different amount of points. Here are the goals:

25 points

  • Connect every city.
10 points

  • Connect the entire Northern island
  • Connect all of the National Parks
8 points

  • Create a high-speed train line from Inverness to Leeds.
5 points

  • Expand the route 87 highway to London, Edinburgh and Bradford using 130km/h+ roads.
  • Connect Cantebury and Stoke-On-Trent to the Mainland.
  • Run a boat up the coast from Liverpool to Westminster, Leeds, Bath and Aberdeen
4 points

  • Expand the route 87 highway to Bristol using 130km/h+ roads
3 points

  • Connect Bath and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Expand the route 87 highway to Bath using 130km/h+ roads.
  • Expand the route 87 highway to Aberdeen using 130km/h+ roads.
  • Connect Dundee to Aberdeen.
2 points
  • Run a bus line connecting Leeds, Wolverhampton and Westminster via the route 87 highway.
1 point
  • Run a bus line connecting York, Lincoln, Winchester and Inverness.

The route 87 highway connecting Wolverhampton, Leeds and Westminster can be expanded or upgraded but it must remain there.

Due to noise pollution no Airports are allowed on the northern island.

No construction is allowed on the Prince Jeremy Islands for historical reasons. (Except stations) (No station extensions) (No additional roads, rails or canals allowed.) (No upgrading existing stuff) (No Garages, cars must be shipped in)

The one way to and from the Prince Jeremy islands must remain the Prince Jeremy bridge.

The Prince Jeremy Bridge must remain where it stands for historical reasons.

No land altering in National Parks.

The only way in and out of National parks must be through the gap in the fence or by open sea boating.

National Park Limits:
Max road speed: 80km/h
Max rail speed: 110km/h
No Airports
Max Station Size: 8 tiles total.

The winner is the one with the most points when they submit their save file. You must submit your save file by the game year 2050 and April 30th. If there's a tie then factors will be considered:
Net Wealth

Have fun and good luck!

Download the File Here


Sounds like a very interesting challenge. Very ecological and pretty different from the non score-based ones. It's the new Challenge of the Day at the official blog. Good luck for all participants.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...

Fuzzy Peach


Interesting. I'll try it if I have some time ;)


I'll maybe have a look if other people will too


I'm giving it a try now ... having a great time !
Thanks for the challenge.


I find it entirely appropriate that you can get 87 points maximum!  ;D
Bob Marley: No woman, no cry

Programmer: No user, no bugs

Fuzzy Peach

Wait, you can. Awesome!!!!! That actually wasn't planned.

PS: If anyone has any status reports then please post them or PM me. I would like to see how things are going and some feedback if possible.

PPS: I'm thinking of making a new challenge ever month or two. So the deadline will be at the moment April 30th. The next contest however will start on May 1st.


QuoteThe only way in and out of National parks must be through the gap in the fence.

Does this means that it is not allowed to build ports in the natural parks ?
It would seem the logical way to connect Bath and Newcastle ....

So far no problems, my game is in year 2012, generating good profits and I am busy expanding the network. Still a long way to go to connect all the cities.

Fuzzy Peach

Oh, sorry if there was some confusion about that. Yes, you can build ports in national parks except for prince jeremy islands.


I forgot to mention that as it has the Challenge of the Day status, the winner(s) will be included in the Simutrans Hall of Fame. Another extra reason to participate and try to win... ;D

P.S: @Fuzzy Peach, I've edited the score board, to make it more clear.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...

Fuzzy Peach

Thanks. When i looked at the post i first thought that someone had hacked my account... until i scrolled down. Lol

Quote from: vilvoh on April 07, 2010, 03:32:48 PM
P.S: @Fuzzy Peach, I've edited the score board, to make it more clear.


I'm sorry. I guess I should have send you a PM first.. :-[

P.S: Anyway, It was a white hat hack.. :P

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...

Fuzzy Peach

It's okay. A PS: in a normal post is good enough.


Run a bus line connecting Leeds, Wolverhampton and Westminster via the route 87 highway.

It should all in a single line? The same bus should stop in these three cities? Or can it be done with different buses... Fo exemple one bus does Leeds - Wolverhampton and another Leeds - Westminster.

Fuzzy Peach

Come on people! 5 days left until the deadline!

Fuzzy Peach

Challenge ends tomorrow. Please submit your save files to me so i can evaluate them.


Hello, here's my save file.  It's been fun working on this. Challenge49.sve

Fuzzy Peach

Thanks for the save Fishstick. You're the current leader with only one objective not completed. And people, by this time tomorrow the contest will be closed. Please post your saves!


Sorry, real life had me by the toes, ankles, and wrists.  I know it's after May 1st, but I'll be downloading it tomorrow and giving it a shot shortly afterward.  I saw that leader board wasn't updated yet, and thought you might appreciate the little extra interest in the contest, Fuzzy Peach.


I gave the challenge a go. I think I completed all the aims but I went bankrupt for quite a while before going back to being on loan. Is this cheating?!

Fuzzy Peach

Yes it is. You have to stay in business for the whole time.


Yes that's too easy if you have unlimited cash ...