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pakHD on 102.2.2 stable

Started by balloonhead66, April 05, 2010, 10:35:30 PM

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how do I get pakHD to work on 102.2.2
I just extracted it to my C:\Program Files\Simutrans as pakHD...
The directory structure is: C:\ - Program Files - Simutrans - pakHD - *pakHD files*
Am I doing something wrong or what?
i am using the unicode version with almost all the paks downloaded...
Here are my images located on,,,,


I'm afraid that pakHD is no longer active since long time ago. In other words, it's not compatible with the latest version of Simutrans..

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


can someone upload a compatible version of simutrans...


It's quite difficult as the person who was in charge of that pakset at this moment is not an active member, actually is missing, and in addition to that, the sources of pakHD are not available.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Copy from pak64 all menu.*.pak and the folder inside the pak folder to pakHD. THis will mess up the menues but should otherwise work (may need a little tweaking with one or two additional files. Usually simutrans tells what is missing.)


i got i working, i read it works with 99.x.x so i downloaded 99.17 (i think), copied the config to the pakHD folder and it works!

dr meduza

is there any possibility to do something like "decompile" this pak and then upgrade it for new versions + add new things ?


Just read the 2 posts before your one.

You dont have to decompile anything. The thing that breaks the pak.hd is that a new menu system was introduce in the meanwhile.
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dr meduza

and you make it working at 102 ?
I tried it but without success

and menu cant be converted some way ?


Well i think the easiest way to achieve this is to take a p96comic that runs on 102.x and then replace the buildings and landscape.

Delete all files in the folder and put all files from the Hd folder in there.

The you can replace the other objects step by step. their names usually start with their type (like building. or way.).
Keep the .misc and .menu ones!

Factories goods and vehicles have to fit together, so there might be problems if you replace only one of these. Passengers and mail however exist in almost evry set so there should be no problems when you replace passenger and mail vehicles.

Just do it step by step and see how far you'll get. ask again if you have problems.