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Author Topic: Balance issues with horse-drawn road vehicles  (Read 2316 times)

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Balance issues with horse-drawn road vehicles
« on: April 14, 2010, 11:31:26 AM »
Balance-problems in 7.3
Using settings as downloaded with 7.3.
Periode 1830-1836
No railmail so horse/wagon-transport is very important.

Basicly are these transport means wooden constructions, where the passenger-vehicles can be a little bit more expensive then the mail-vehicles (comfort, cleaner, simple)
Looking at the cost/ton (when buying) you see huge differences. Variety from 8-175 C/ton.
Also maintenance a variety of 0,02-2,6.

The passenger Stage Coach and Mail Coach can't be used because even a full-load trip will allways give a loss. (Due to maintenance)

I suggest a rework in this cost-matter based on :

New vehicles buying : 50 C/ton + 50% if Passenger-veh. + 50% if fast (15km/h)
Maintenance : 0,1C/ton + 50% if Passenger-veh. + 50% if fast (15km/h)

This would result in the following Cost/Maint:
Stage Coach  200/0,4
Hackney  100/0,1
Horse Omnibus 300/0,6
Cart 50/0,1
Stage Wagon 100/0,1
Mail Coach 150/0,3


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