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[Guide] Industries in Simutrans.

Started by idan44, April 18, 2010, 01:08:10 PM

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Hello,  ;D

One of the basic things that a transportation company does is to deliver some metarials from one place to another place.
In Simutrans, this option is also avaliable.

Key : a) Factories diagram. b) Factories information. c) Delivering the metarials. )

a) Below is a diagram of the different industries in Simutrans :

As we can see every shop in the game of Simutrans is supplied by a factory. And every factory is supplied by another factory. ( Some of them are supplied by another factory also. )

b) The first step will always be to click on a factory. By clicking on a factory ( On the map. ) an information window will be openned.
Below is an example for a power station information menu : ( Oil Power Plant to be honest. )

Guide : [/u]

Orange - Name of Factory ( = Kind. ) And close option.
Purple - Fcatory picture. ( When being clicked the map and game will focus on the factory. ) , Line ( See Green dot. ) and about button. ( Extra explsnstion. )
Red - Suppliers and Costumers. ( Power station has no costumers! ) - By clicking on the nearest triangle the map and game will focus on the factory.
Near every metarials the kind of it will be written. ( Oil, Gas, Boxed goods etc... )
Yellow - Where Workers live.
Pink - Passenger and mail levels.
Green - How much metarials there are ( created and are waiting to be used. ) - How much is needed.
Blue - Connected stops that can be used to deliver things from and to the factory.

c) To connect a factory to another all that has t o be done is to deliver each metarial to the next factory. (Make sure to use the right kind of storage equipment to deliver it. )

Externl links : [/u]
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