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Demo.sve (is the savegame you see when you start Simutrans.)

Started by Pati, February 24, 2010, 06:26:39 PM

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Hello all,
I think I should announce this here in the international forum too, because not all of the SimuFans can understand german.
Well, I've created a demo.sve for pak64. You can download it here.
You can download it here
You  may watch it (of course:)), you may edit it, and you may post feedback here (or extension requests?)

If you want to use it as demo.sve, here are the instructions:
1st step: Copy the downloaded savegame to \simutrans\pak .
2nd step: Start Simutrans with pak64.
3rd step: Finished!

German thread is here
Here are some Screenshots from me.
Thanks to all SimuDevelopers!!!:):):):):)
I don't speak english that well, but I think you can understand me:)