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how to use makeobj 50 on vista?

Started by kv149~81, April 29, 2010, 06:14:15 PM

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I am using vista Sp2 and I am so confused whether how to use this useful tool: the window flashed for a fraction of a second and disappeared = =


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The best way to use makeobj on windows is to create .bat command file. Copy these texts in txt files which you will save as ****.bat . If you put these files in the same folder as makeobj.exe so you'll just have to use .bat file to use makeobj's corresponding commands.

Quotemakeobj pak128 2>err.txt
Will compile dat files (here for pak128 but you can change) and write errors which can occur in err.txt

Quotemakeobj MERGE name.pak *.pak
Merge ALL present pak files in the folder into "name.pak" (change the name after).

Quotemakeobj EXTRACT
Inverse of Merge command, extract single pak files from a merged one.

So here are the most used command, normally you won't have to use other ones.


You can also check this tutorial about makeobj and this one about Pakhelper, the makeobj frontend for Windows.

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