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Request Private Messages here

Started by VS, April 29, 2010, 06:48:38 PM

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If you can't send PMs and want need them... just post here that you wish to use them. When some "higher power" goes by, they will enable PMs for you :)

Please note that this strict measure is a result of spam attacks. These usually look like a new member registering and then flooding the whole forum with filth in a few minutes. Thus if you have just registered or have only a few posts, chances are you might look suspicious and won't have private messaging enabled. Sorry if that happens - but it should be with best intentions. In such case, your best chance is showing (somehow?) the moderators or admins that you are a real person. Since spambots often try to fool us by posting some compilation of others' posts, just... find your own way :D

Thanks for your patience and once again sorry for this inconvenience.

EDIT by Igor Eliezer:

Important Notice

In order to request Private Message rights, you need to have posted at least 2 posts in the forums before making the request.

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i like have PMs please because i sometimes pm people if i need it

done -- VS


Woooooow PM's are back  8)
* feeling like if the Berlin's wall would fall again *

I would like to have again the great power of PM sending god  :D

done -- VS


Lobsus request from ES

done -- VS

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Aglezabad request from ES

you evil editor! hecho -- VS


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


QuoteIf you can't send PMs and want need them...

how's need defined? i mean i certainly could live without the forum (i hope so), i'm here since i want to.

having the ability to send messages would be quite nice, but definitely not a need.

done -- VS


May I have that need to send PM?

I understand it as a need in the forum.

I promise I'll be good. :)

??? Look, I know you, don't know me very well, but please, could you trust one more new member? I had nothing to do with your spam problem.

done -- VS

Ohh ... Thank you, thank you. ;D


I could certainly need pm's to ask people questions. :police:
Nah, I seriously want need them because hamburgers taste nice. Actually, so that players can Beta test things I make.
Or maybe, I could need the feature at any time, yum mmm... :)

done -- VS

Thank You! -- Reddog785[/colour]


Although I'm currently less active than I used to be, I'd like to use PMs again, too.

done -- VS
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May you allow me to send messages again? Thanks in advance.

done -- VS
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I would like to be able to send private messages as well. Thank you in advance.

done -- VS

jap train fan

I will like to be able to send PM like all the others here. Thank you.

done -- Igor


Just spotted this thread. Didn't realise PM's were disabled - however I would, as a human, like to have them enabled for me, because if you need to PM someone then quite often it needs to be done then and there, and I am pre-emptively anticipating that need, and trying to avoid suffering the pain of having it thwarted at the time.

Also, I am experimenting with very long sentences......  ;)


done -- Igor

Thanks -- dM


It would a pleasure for me to be honoured with the ability to send PMs in this special communication area. ;)

done -- Igor


i'm glad i saw this. I was wondering why i wasn't allowed to pm. May i have them please? I wish to pm a few old mates :)

done -- Igor


I should like to read them. JackVerheydt.

done -- Isaac


It would be very kind, if i could write PMs because I want to speak with some person who aren´t in the German forum

done -- Isaac


Ok, I am not a spam-kind of person but may I have the PMs? I'm not forcing you. :P

To all spammers, darn you in your doom!
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Hey Vlad, could you please restore my pm-abilities?  ;)  I'm still leeching around here, but I'm starting to feel I need to PM again... Thanks! :D

done -- vilvoh
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done -- vilvoh


I think I will need it in future, can you allow me use all this power? ;D

done -- IgorEliezer

Michael 'Cruzer'

Sorry, that I don't write this to the existing thread, but I can't find it... :(
Could I have the permissions to send private messages?

post moved to the right place and done -- vilvoh
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As I just receive PM,  I want to be able to  write back.

done -- IgorEliezer


Somebody asked me something about SimuTranslator per PM and I'd like to answer him.
May I get them?

done -- vilvoh


I want to make a question to someone but dont want to make a new Post in forums :)

okay, you're requesting PM rights. Done -- IgorEliezer

The Transporter

I will like to be able to send PM like all the others here. Thank you.

done -- IgorEliezer


I just edited the 1st post of this topic. I added a small requirement: from now on, members need to have posted at least 2 posts in forums before requesting PM rights.

Simple thing. Considering spambots (or malicious people) make just 1 post and leave the forum.


Ok, I would like to use the pms too ;)

done -- IgorEliezer



May I send a PM?



done --vilvoh


May I have that need to send PM? (translator tikiwiki)


done --vilvoh


I was wondering why I couldn't.




done -- VS



I'd like a private secretary to send messages for me (ideally 160cm, brunette, with a lilting German accent)  8)

Failing that, could I be allowed to send messages myself?

done -- VS


I would like to be able to send messages as well so that I can reply to the occasional message I receive.


done -- VS


I kindly request to send PMs.

done -- vilvoh


May I have permission to send PM's?


done -- VS

Splendid, thanks.