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Three different bugs - solutions?

Started by diesseits, May 01, 2010, 07:13:50 AM

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There's a few bugs that are bugging me, can anyone offer solutions to these?

* there are no tunnels after 2000
* in experimental barges cannot find routes along canals
* in experimental the industry spawn rate is absurd. If I go into fast-forward the scrolling notifications of new industries are continuous.

These are all quite frustrating, despite how good pak.britain is.



thank you very much for your feedback - much appreciated. I am glad that you like Pak128.Britain (and its Experimental counterpart), and am sorry that you have had trouble. Also - welcome to the forums!

The second and third problems that you mention have already been reported in the Simutrans-Experimental section as bugs with Simutrans-Experimental, and are currently being investigated. Hopefully, they will be solved by the next release.

However, I cannot reproduce the first issue: when I run Simutrans-Experimental with Pak128.Britain-Ex, tunnels do appear after 2000. Might I ask - what operating system are you using? And are you using the latest version of Simutrans-Experimental and Pak128.Britain-Ex?
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The Hood

Issue one has been fixed in r278.  Should be in the next nightly pak.  Thanks for the report :)