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[Tutorial] How to translate a tikiwiki page

Started by sanna, May 06, 2010, 08:16:14 AM

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The Simutrans Tikiwiki at is set up to make it as easy as possible to translate a page into your language of choice.  To be able to translate a page you need to be a registered user and logged on.

In the top right corner is a drop-down list of languages. The language of the current page is show when the drop-down is closed. Opening up the drop-down reveals a looong list of language, first those that have been translated - under the heading Human Translations, then those that have not - under the heading Machine Translations; choosing a machine translation will call upon Google to translate the page for you.
At the very bottom of the list is an item Translate (which should/could be in your browser language)
Choose translate from the drop-down, and specify the language you wish to translate into on the page that you come to and enter a name for the page. Here it is best if you use the same name as the page you are translating with the language prefix replaced by the prefix for the language you translate into; i.e., if the page is called en_TransportTycoon and you are translating it into Croatian, give it the name hr_TransportTycoon.

If you are unsure of your language prefix, it is written in parenthesis in the language selection box you just used to specify the language of the page. Don't worry about categorizing the page for now. Press the small button CREATE TRANSLATION just below the category section.
Now 2 windows will open up. To the left you will have the original text with a green background, and to the right your new to-be-translated page. It already contains a copy of the text from the window on the left, with an additional intro text Translation of this page is incomplete.. You can choose to translate it all a one go, or choose a single paragraph to translate. When you save, choose between Partial and Complete Translation to indicate which choice you made. Leave the untranslated sections in place, so the reader will know there is more information on the page.

Note: If you have started a translation the Machine Translation option will no longer be available.


Great post - I wanted to start translating already three times but never figured how should I go about that!

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