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Strange graphic glitch

Started by Lord Vetinari, May 07, 2010, 12:35:00 PM

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Lord Vetinari

There's this white box around the top of the shops and offices building that grows from 1880. It's there on every single building of that kind that popped on the map.
The strange thing is that it appeared only after I loaded the savegame. The building popped yesterday night and it looked perfectly fine.

I'm sure that the white box is connected with that particular building, as it desappeared when I destroyed it.

The Hood

This is a known bug and should be fixed in the latest nightly paks.  Are you using one of these (if so which) or are you using 1.07?

Lord Vetinari

No, it's 1.07. I didn't knew that I could download nightlys of pak.Britain, It's been a while since I looked at the nightly page.
I'll download it as soon as I can, thanks.


I, too, are suffering from this glitch. I've noticed that when starting a new game or loading one that isn't in winter, it appears fine. But, however, When playing in winter, and it is at the same height or greater as the minimum snowline, it appears like that. I think it's winter image is meant to be that white box. It dosent't look accurate, though...

The Hood

Yes, it is only the winter image that is broken.  This has been fixed in the nightlies for some time (I hope - please let me know if it is still there in the nightly paks).

Lord Vetinari

I dont' know, sorry. I downloaded the May 3 nightly, but it seems that I can't load my savegame with it, so I'm still using 1.07.