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Lettrand, my little pak128 game. - Lots of screenies!

Started by Maragil, June 16, 2010, 06:54:39 PM

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This game is pak128 version 1.4.4 i think, with Timothy's London Underground add-ons, as well as the British Rail addons.(, it's all the London Underground ones) It's still a work in progress, but I felt like sharing it  :) It's been finished. And it is perfectly functioning.

SCREENIES COMING SOON - having a few problems!
Please play it and have a looksies. Comments are accepted :)
This post chronicles the work of Lettransport so far.
All lines have both mail and passengers on them.Public service has been used to build 1 city, however I started off with the usual amount of money, without freeplay. However chronology is off/

The first screenshot is an overview of my map.

The next is a screenshot of my largest city, Baringborough. I've put a bit of effort into changing the names of each stop to make them seem more interesting. The transport system here has both Trams and Buses in it, both of which suffer from overcongegestion. I have 2 rings of buses and trams, an inner ring and an outer ring. The two suburbs of Baringborough, Appingham and Pollingmouth are out of shot. These have their own bus routes, with  shuttles. There is also a high demand for the Municipal Garbage Dump!

The next is of Baringborough's neighboring city, Brentcross. Whilst smaller, it is never the less important, with an underground train network, including a 1500 capacity train to Baringborough, as well as other faster trains spanning across Lettrand. It is also a diverse city, as can be told from the stop names.

This screenshot is of Heppborough. Heppborough is at the centre of Lettrand, so it was Lettransport thought it wise to have this city as a rail connection hub. It is for the main a quiet city, however it does have many visitors who drop by in the local pub! It has connections to Hepplock,Springlock,Brentcross and Baringchester by rail, some cities which connect further on then, as well as a bus to Hillmouth.

To the west of Heppborough, is the quiet town of Hepplock.  As a connection city, it links together 2 other cities , as well as itself, to Heppborough. A connection is made to the city of Springmouth by train, which then has a bus service to Heppden.

South of Heppborough is the city of Springlock. It has an HQ here built by Public Services as they have funded the city. It has a flourishing tourist industry, with a new Tigress Train running between Springlock and Heppborough.



loaded and i found problem - the trolleybuses giving problems cause the routes isn't equipped wth wires
the dessil buses are ok but you need check them -  i think its applies to standard but its not in exp


Same to me: there's no wiring so trolleybuses can't find their route


there isn't meant to be a trolleybus service - I decided to abandon it in favour of street trains :)



Quote from: Maragil on June 17, 2010, 06:33:21 PM
there isn't meant to be a trolleybus service - I decided to abandon it in favour of street trains :)
hmm - the trolley buses appeared in standard version but didn't appear in expermeint but possible something gotten wrong in standard simtrans


There is some replacement weirdness going on if you use pak128 nightlies - they do not include some vehicles any more and hasn't been updated yet. I'd wholeheartedly recommend loading this with the old, stable version of pakset...

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Can someone tell me how to get screenies in.. It's not being very responsive.