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[New Release] Simutrans-Experimental 8.0
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:42:48 AM »
A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: Simutrans 102.3 Experimental 8.0. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

Simutrans-Experimental 8.0 is a significant development, containing some substantial improvements as well as balancing enhancements. Version 8.0 incorporates all the latest updates from Sumutrans-Standard; there follows a list of the main changes in 8.0:

Changes (Simutrans-Experimental)
  • FIX: Automatic convoy replacer is now fully re-enabled.
  • ADD: New "retain in home depot", "use existing vehicles" and "use home depot" options in the replace dialogue to allow finer control of replacing.
  • CHANGE: The automatic convoy replacer allows editing and cancelling of scheduled replacements.
  • ADD: Depots can be restricted to building certain traction types (e.g., electric, diesel, steam).
  • CHANGE: Depots now have individual names.
  • ADD: GUI for Simutrans-Experimental specific options in the "settings" dialogue (Bernd Gabriel)
  • FIX: Crash on map generation in some circumstances.
  • CHANGE: GUI improvements for the automatic signal builder (Dwachs and Bernd Gabriel)
  • FIX: Error with sending to depot
  • FIX: Problems with building way objects over ways with way constraints enabled.
  • FIX: Crashes on map generation where bridges or tunnels are built
  • CHANGE: Deleting costs of stations is now linked to the station's price (2/3rds of it), not the generic building removal cost.
  • FIX: Overlapping text for the obsolescence increase in the convoy detail window
  • CHANGE: Way objects are deleted before signals or stations to make switching from one electrification type to another easier.
  • FIX: Fields are now upgraded/replaced when factories are upgraded
  • ADD: "Refunds" graph for lines and convoys
  • ADD: Value in the vehicle .pak files for air resistance - can be used to specify streamlined vehicles.
  • ADD: Can specify that vehicles cannot be at the end of a convoy without specifying which specific vehicles should follow them by specifying constraint[next][0]=any.
  • CHANGE: Reversing will automatically detect when a goods train has a brake van and will ensure that the brake van remains at the rear.
  • CHANGE: Reversing a train with a locomotive that does not need a turntable and that needs a brake van, the reversing time is 1.4 times greater than with a similar train that does not need a brake van.
  • ADD: City growth/generation that more accurately respects the "renovation percent" specification in (Knightly). Can be turned off by enabling "quick_city_growth=1" in, as this makes map generation slower.
  • CHANGE: passenger_max_wait is now a uint32 value, and the default is increased to 19440
  • ADD: Private car trips can only be made where there is a road connexion between the origin and the destination. The approximate average speed of that connexion is measured and used when determining whether a private car trip is made.
  • CHANGE: If "quick_city_growth" is enabled, the renovation percentage is automatically reduced by a factor of 3.
  • CHANGE: Refunds are based on 1.5x not 2x of the straight line journey distance.
  • FIX: Correct mathematics of the calculation of private car average speeds.
  • CHANGE: Use recorded car journey time to compare against players' transport's travelling times rather than speed bonus rating for road transport when passengers decide whether to take their car or players' transport.
  • CHANGE: Average speed of private cars in any given month is now weighted by their chance factor.
  • CHANGE: The cost of bulldozing a city building now includes the cost of buying it, except where it is already owned by the player.
  • CHANGE: The "value" shown in the city building information window is the cost of buying, not bulldozing, the building.
  • CHANGE: The credit limit applies to buying citybuildings and bulldozing buildings that one does not own. It still does not apply (purposely) to bulldozing one's own buildings and infrastructure.
  • FIX: Possible crash on map generation.
  • CHANGE: That diagonals are shorter is now taken into account during route searches for player vehicles and private cars.
  • FIX: Electrics tab showed in non-electric depots.
  • FIX: Expand the depot window automatically if there are too many vehicles to fit in it.
  • FIX: Remove code ambiguity to avoid potential division by zero crash
  • FIX: Industry density settings not calibrated properly on startup, resulting in incorrect numbers of industry chains spawning.
  • FIX: Cornering and braking on approaching did not reduce speed as it ought to do.
  • CHANGE: Vehicle deceleration before stops commences from the number of tiles specified in "direction steps", not a fixed number of 4.
  • ADD: Vehicles are obsolete only at a certain number of years after their retirement date (i.e., the date on which production stops), and not immediately after production stops.
  • ADD: The increase of maintenance for obsolescence and the time after retirement that vehicles become obsolete can be specified individually for each vehicle in their .dat files: defaults set in apply otherwise.
  • ADD: options for default values for the time after their retirement dates that vehicles become obsolete.
  • FIX: The max_walking_distance value is now used
  • CHANGE: Higher threshold for medium and large town sizes
  • FIX: Avoid double counting of transported passengers and mail: passengers and mail record as transported now *only* when they reach their destination.
  • CHANGE: Debug builds now have a differently named settings file to make things easier for developers.
  • FIX: Crashes on deleting tunnels and bridges.
  • CHANGE: The threshold sizes for different levels of towns (for the purposes of population growth) can be customised in
  • CHANGE: When a player builds a way on land that he/she already owns, the cost of buying land is deducted from the cost of building the way.
  • CHANGE: City car speeds now shown in km/h rather than an indecipherable internal number.
  • CODE FIX: Fix nasty off-by-one error in vector_tpl.h, in remove_at() (Neroden)
  • FIX: Make stadt_t:get_electricity_consumption return reasonable results, not stupid ones.  (Neroden)
  • FIX: Clear *electricity_consumption* in the electricity code, not car_ownership! (Neroden)
  • FIX: Pay attention to electricity_proportion when deciding whether there are enough power plants. (Neroden)
  • CHANGE: Powerline stabilization patch v.5 from "TurfIt" (, adapted to current HEAD (Neroden)
  • FIX: Station prices were not scaled properly.
  • FIX: Calculation of electrical demand for factories overestimated.
  • CHANGE: Determination of the proportion of passengers who travel within a city is now based on the city and capital threshold sizes set in, not a range based on the median specified starting size.
  • FIX: Occasional crash on using "undo" tool with power lines.
  • CHANGE: Updated credits

Changes (Simutrans-Standard)
  • ADD: configurable thousand exponent (like 10^4 for japanese) by SEP_THOUSAND_EXPONENT
  • FIX: corrected way offsets on bridge heads
  • FIX: rotation of asymmetric bridge pillars
  • FIX: Makeobj could not extract bridges (and possibly even more objects) under XP
  • ADD: zooming in also for pak192
  • FIX: graphical glitches with ways if artificial slope/bridge etc behind
  • FIX: graphical glitches with vehicles in tunnels
  • FIX building powerlines: assertion failed when building over aircraft shadows, costs for clearing trees are correctly booked
  • FIX: could not start builing tram tracks on roads with cars
  • FIX: (Dwachs) convoi slows down as long as any vehicle is on slow tile + reformatting cleanup
  • FIX: maintenance for ticks_per_month smaller 18
  • FIX: airplanes do not jump at end of runway when ground goes down
  • FIX: do not start vehicles twice in depot
  • FIX: when starting vehicles do not show error messages on other clients
  • ADD: timeline for cityroads using 'city_road[0]=name[,intro][,retire]' in
  • ADD: winter image for PowerSource/ PowerDest: Image[2] and [3] as snowy versions of [0] and [1]
  • ADD: winter image for sidewalk: Image[1],[4],[7],[10],[13] as snowy versions, Image [5][8][11][14] transition images
  • ADD: minimum and maximum numbers of next towns to connect to a factory can be set too in with factory_worker_minimum_towns/factory_worker_maximum_towns
  • ADD: timeline for intercityroads using 'intercity_road[number]=name[,intro][,retire]' in
  • FIX: crash when destroying map (in sync_list there were already deleted objects)
  • FIX: only public player can build cityroads with sidewalk
  • FIX: use same ways under tunnel portal as in the tunnel itself
  • FIX: do not build tunnels on top of powerlines
  • FIX: do not build non-powerline bridge ends on powerlines (and vice-versa)
  • ADD: winter image and timeline for crossings: winter images of [image][0] are [image][1]
  • CHANGE: (Knightly) add comptibility code for old field definition (without index [0])
  • FIX: correct maintenance for bridges ending on vertical slopes
  • ADD: display winter images of powerlines; code cleanup in leitung2.*
  • FIX: sometimes loading old games there where pilalrs on invalid ground during deletion
  • ADD: enable to use more than one powerline object
  • FIX: assertion failed on destroying map (
  • FIX: crash when deleting buildings with holes
  • ADD: texture for tunnel grounds (Obj=misc, Name=TunnelTexture, Image with numbers 0,3,6,9)
  • FIX: (sanna) correct url to obtain language files
  • FIX: dont crash if end tag [/url] is missing in help text
  • FIX cursor size of build-headquarter tool
  • FIX withdraw of convois without any freight capacity
  • ADD: add default values for cityroad ("city_road") and intercity road ("asphalt_road")
  • ADD: Add a way to specify where libpng is (for makeobj).
  • FIX image calculation of crossings

Feedback and testing

Thanks to all those who have tested Simutrans-Experimental and provided useful feedback. Any feedback from this version would, as ever, also be very much appreciated, including (1) bug reports; (2) information as to how well-balanced that the game is; (3) any difference in approach/strategy needed for Simutrans-Experimental as over Simutrans-Standard; and (4) any other useful feedback.

Thanks again to all those who have worked to test Simutrans-Experimental, and happy playing!


This topic is locked, as it is intended to serve as an announcement. To report a bug or otherwise give feedback, please start a new thread for each bug/topic. To ask a question about how to obtain Simutrans-Experimental, use this thread.

Edit: Added direct links for Linux downloads.
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