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Long signals

Started by clyde404, September 28, 2008, 06:13:20 PM

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I can't understand, how do long signal work. Manual says, that it becomes green only if the whole rail block is empty, but the fact is it becomes green some time before!

How exactly it works?


If the train will reverse at the second station, then it will get green, if the train can get to the second station. All tiles until reversing or next signal will be check. If sucessful, the train will run.


Train isn't going to reverse at both stations. Both trains services the same line. I use simu100.


The I would need a savegame for debugging.


Here it is. I archived it, cause the board doesn't allow me to attach files, larger then 150K.


Thanks, check next nightly (after 2040).


Excuse me, what does that mean?


I guess he means that you should download the latest version from Simutrans Nightly-Downloadpage. But be careful, they're playable development versions that may contain bugs or unknown errors

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