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Author Topic: [bug 8.x]Colons in source code and SimuTranslator  (Read 1410 times)

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[bug 8.x]Colons in source code and SimuTranslator
« on: May 29, 2010, 10:13:50 AM »
As per Bernd Gabriel's comment in
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// Bernd Gabriel, 01.07.2009: inconsistent adding of ':'. Sometimes in code, sometimes in translation. Consistently moved to code
However, these strings do not seem to be included in the Exp. db at SimuTranslator. I am not sure how the inclusion of base texts (from Standard) is undertaken, but I do get these strings in my tab files... So presumably strings from Base Texts are somehow merged upon Export from SimuTranslator?

Since this colon clean-up has not taken place in Standard, the strings that have colons in Standard (and need to keep them not to break translations there) cannot be adequately presented in Exp. The options here is to either make the same clean up in Standard, or to add the strings (at least those that are translated with colon in Std) in question (Gewinn (with colon), Gewicht (w/o colon), Serves Line (with colon), Fartziehl (with colon)) to the Exp db and translate these separately for Exp.

On a side note: Fartziehl differs in Std in that the colon is not automatically followed by a space..., it needs to be manually added by the translator.

I am uncertain where to add this report, since the bug manifests itself in Experimental, but is really the result of inconsistencies between Std and Exp, inconsistencies where I believe Exp has the right idea....

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Re: [bug 8.x]Colons in source code and SimuTranslator
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2010, 11:11:39 PM »

thank you for the report. From what I understand, the Simutrans-Experimental translation texts are exported from Simutranslator by taking the Simutrans-Standard texts and adding all the Simutrans-Experimental specific texts that are uploaded then translated. So, if the texts are different in Simutrans-Experimental, they will need their own translation texts.

So, either we shall have to make translation texts for the slightly different versions that Bernd created when he made the treatment of colons more consistent, or Simutrans-Standard will have to adopt the colon system used in Simutrans-Experimental. Probably the best thing to do is this so that we don't drop the ball if the request is turned down in Standard: post a new topic in Standard extension requests asking for the change to be incorporated in Standard, linking to this topic. If that is denied, post here again so that we - the Experimental people - know to add these to the next upload of translation texts.

Thank you for reporting this one!