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[bug devel] reverse route picks up wrong passengers

Started by sanna, June 15, 2010, 01:54:09 PM

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In a self-compiled devel with the patch from applied, I have tested the reverse route function. While the convois nicely moves from stop to stop correctly, it seems that the passengers (I have not tested with cargo nor mail) does not board the convoi according to the reverse schedule, but the "un-reversed" schedule.

In the screenshot attached, the top window shows Söderborg station that the convoi (26) Parhästar in the lower window has just left. As you can see, there are still passengers left at Söderborg station bound for Söderborg H, which is the stop the reverse route convoi will next visit. All passengers for Söderborg Församlingshem H (which is the next stop on the "unreversed" route) have however boarded the convoi.

EDIT: It cannot be seen from the image, but the convoi contained only passengers that wanted to get off at Söderborg station before entering the station. All passengers aboard the convoi got on the convoi at Söderborg station.



Thanks for your report :).

I didn't know the routes were aware enough to send to nearer stops first. After learning a few more german verbs I've now fixed this in my git testing branch :).