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pak32.comic - First successfull monorail test drive

Started by mobo, July 04, 2010, 10:23:03 AM

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Yeah great news!

The MoboRail Development Division has successfully tested their new transportation concept which has been developed under the name of TTROOOR (TrainThatRunsOnOnlyOneRail). Independent experts - who were excluded from the test in the last minute - criticised that the rail-beam construction isn't actually connected to those pillars that are supposed to hold it in the air.
But the MR Developers did'n hesitate to run their experimental train on it. The train was consisted of two engines each one propelled by a 6000 KW diesel engine and reached 350 km/h easily.

Yeah, now seriously, 350 km/h still don't look that fast in p32, it's hard to estimate, but when i see the train passing the landscape i'd say it runs 120 or maybe 150 km/h. I think one could adjust the bits_per_month value to fix this.