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BUG r2054 (and earlier) - some vehicles are not correctly loaded.

Started by DirrrtyDirk, October 03, 2008, 11:32:38 PM

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In r2054 (and going back a few nightlies also in r2052 and 2044 - the latest I got without this error was 2040) under certain conditions some vehicles apparently are not loaded into the depot, but instead one of the others is actually doubled in the depot (doubled in all aspects: name, data and constraint).

Usually I'd suspect that I screwed up the .dat file somehow - but a) I checked it (quite thoroughly I think) and b) it works flawless in r2040 and before - so I presume it's a program bug and not a .dat error (if necessary I can of course send you all the files you need by mail, prissi)

Example (simplified):

An EMU consisting of 6 different car types A to F.

A is front; must be followed by B
B is always followed by C; (A or D can be prev)
C always preceded by B; can be followed be D or F
D can be selected after C; is always followed by E
E is intermediate and can follow D or E itself; can be followed by E itself or B
F is end; can be preceded by C

In short, a typical train should look something like this:


Until r2040 that went alright - from 2044 on however, car "E" is no longer shown in the depot - but instead it shows 2 entries of "B" (same name, same stats, same constraints). Now here comes the really funny part: if the train is built in the depot, after choosing "D", a single car of type "E" is added (with correct name and stats, no partially red bar etc. - again the constraints and everything else worked fine until r2040) - but it is still not shown as available.

So after


it is impossible to manually add any more "E" cars (since they are not shown - just twice "B").

After writing the above (but before sending) I checked one last time - and it's even worse. It's not just one vehicle of that particular EMU that acts like this, but there are actually 3 vehicles lost, and now 3 doubles as described above. (In the "real" vehicle - i.e. the one actually running in my simutrans - there are 2 variants for A and F - variant 2 isn't available, just variant 1 - twice.)
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It would be helpful, if there is the name of the missing vehicle or a test pak to reproduce this ...


I will send it by mail later in the evening.

EDIT: Sorry got a bit late - but I just sent everything over.
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