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Duplex Passenger Car

Started by Fuzzy Peach, September 08, 2009, 05:39:26 PM

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Fuzzy Peach

I have created my second simutrans vehicle, it's a duplex train car. It holds 100 people, goes 280km/h and appears from 2000.

Please give me any feedback you have.

I have uploaded the pak file and some images.

Edit: I have made the wheels darker, i just haven't uploaded any more pictures yet.


Is too small to see the detail, can make the image bigger please


Is there any high speed engine to pull the car? I have similar car at speed of 240km/h but there are no such high speed engine.


That train is in pak 64 so it probably wont work in 128


Same answer for another train... He just zoom out...


Just before you comment on my opinion that this is pak 64 i didn't realise that you had zoomed out alot. I'm sorry for the setting back comments i posted.


same as the other one : right click => show picture  :police:


LOL i don't bother looking at images in full size unless they are a bit fuzzy or they are very small.