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Pak64 - How to make a profit with mail and passengers?

Started by Antonin, July 07, 2010, 09:34:31 PM

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I just returned to Simutrans after several months.

After downloading what I assume is the current version, I started a new game at the default Pak64 settings. I have created routes between 2 towns, and the only industries I am connecting are an offshore rig, a refinery and a gasoline station.

It still seems to be impossible to create profitable bus routes and mail routes. I have created bus routes between the 2 towns, to the refinery and to a castle public attraction, and mail routes between the 2 towns. I even ran the game at fast speed for more than a year to give the population time to get used to the new services.

Is there a secret to running profitable passenger and mail routes?


Connect as much as possible and forget about Mail for the moment. Connect factory to all towns that are listed as worker hometowns in the factory dialoge. Connect as many small towns to the largest town. Cover the towns completely by catchment area.

Passengers in Simutrans know where they want to go. If you do not offer service to the place, they just won't travel. YOu can start with just three towns. (If you open a town info dialogue, you will see the places, they intended to travel by red color.)


Usually taking to expensive roads kill your profit fast. Also busses are only profitable, if the run with 50% filling. So you need to wait at certain stations for 100% load. Too many stations will also cost too much maintenance. First cover only special buildings (townhalls, churches factories) and city centers.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

If you wish to keep playing a map anyway, just be sure to add "-freeplay" to the command to start simutrans :)